Our Mission

The mission is to make as many disciples as possible by sharing the Gospel. I’m not a writer nor a pastor, I’m just someone who was called by God in a small church that needed a Sunday school teacher.
Another part of my mission is to equip our brothers and sisters in Christ who want to share the Gospel with lessons in a variety of topics. When I first started helping with the youth group in my small church, I found it difficult to come up with a complete lesson in the topic God wanted me to share. Like many Sunday school teachers and pastors, I found sermon depository websites like www.sermoncentral.com and other places very helpful. The format I use for my lessons is bullet points, comments and stories, all written down. I usually pray and start writing down my comments on the topic as if I was teaching it in person. The reason I use that format is because if someone reads my notes, they will read a complete lesson/sermon without the need of an explanation. My notes includes my stories or illustrations as well.  Another reason I use that format is because it’s very easy to study. For someone who is very forgetful, I rely on my notes for everything I do in my life. Sometimes I follow my format and many times I only use my main bullet points.
A lot of sermon depository places have text only, no bullet points so, one has to review several sermons and rewrite a complete lesson almost from scratch, which is fine because the purpose of those websites is only for inspiration and ideas on a topic but when someone is starting as a Sunday school teacher, sometimes a little more help is needed. So, if God is calling you to share at church, your small group or with your friends, I hope you can find this format helpful. I know it would’ve been helpful for me when I first started.